The main rule is that after a maximum of four and a half hours of driving, you must take a 45 minute break.

Four and a half hours of driving is considered a driving period. The driving period may be continuous or broken. Your daily driving time must not exceed nine hours. Up to twice a week, your daily driving time may be extended to 10 hours.


  • The 45-minute break must be spent on rest and not used for other work.
  • If necessary, the break may be divided into two parts, the first lasting at least 15 minutes and the second 30 minutes.
  • If you split the break, the lengths cannot be switched - the final break must always last at least 30 minutes.
  • After a total or divided break (lasting a total of 45 minutes), a new driving period starts, of no more than four and a half hours.
  • The break(s) must be registered under the "bed" symbol, except in cases where there are two drivers in the vehicle. 


You drive for four and a half hours, take a 45-minute break, and then start a new driving period.

You drive for two and a half hours, take a 15-minute break, drive for two hours and take a 30-minute break. Then you start a new driving period.