Overview of 24-hour rest stops for heavy goods vehicles in Norway. At a 24-hour rest stop, drivers can take a break, a daily rest or a reduced weekly rest.

You can find an overview of 24-hour rest stops in the map and in a list at the bottom of this page. The list was last updated in October 2021. 

What is a 24-hour rest stop?

24-hour rest stops are facilities reserved for drivers of heavy goods vehicles subject to the rules for driving time and and rest periods.

You may stay at a 24-hour rest stop to take

  • a break (45 minutes)
  • a daily rest (11 hours)
  • a reduced weekly rest (minimum 24 hours, but less than 45 hours)

These rest stops are not intended for longer stays, reloading, parking of vehicles or trailers, or for drivers of other types of vehicles. You have to comply with the parking rules described on the information board at the rest stop.

Rest stops are clearly signposted from the main road. They are usually located so that you can buy food and fuel in the immediate vicinity. All rest stops have showers, toilet facilities and well-lit parking areas. Power supply (220V) for refrigeration units is usually available at the rest stops.

Pending further establishment of new 24-hour rest stops along the national road network, a number of regular rest areas with toilet facilities may be used for breaks, daily rest and reduced weekly rest. Some of these are closed in winter.

Overview of 24-hour rest stops 

Eastern Norway

  • E6 Svinesundparken, Halden, Viken, 77 capacity
  • E6 Fugleåsen, Ski, Viken, 122 capacity
  • E6 Ormlia, Eidsvoll, Viken, 47 capacity
  • E6 Minnesund Circle K, Eidsvoll, Viken, 26 capacity
  • E6 Biri travpark, Gjøvik, Innlandet, 30 capacity
  • E6 Vinstra vegpark, Nord-Fron, Innlandet, 58 capacity including 18 for short term parking
  • E6 Bekkemoen, Dovre, Innlandet , 6 capacity
  • E18 Ørje, Marker, Viken, 10 plasser
  • E18 Kjellstad sørgående, Lier, Viken, 15 capacity
  • E16 Mjøsvang, Vang i Valdres, Innlandet, 15 capacity
  • Rv. 3 Myklagard, Løten, Innlandet, 20 capacity
  • Rv. 3 Koppang Shell, Stor-Elvdal, Innlandet, 13 capacity
  • Rv. 3 Alvdal, Innlandet, 20 capacity
  • Rv 7 Gol sambruksstasjon, Gol, Viken, 21 capacity
  • Rv.2 Kongsvinger (Roverud), Innlandet, 15 capacity

Southern Norway

  • E134 Høydalsmo, Tokke, Vestfold og Telemark, 12 capacity
  • E134 Edland, Vinje, Vestfold og Telemark, 10 capacity
  • E18 Furulund Kro & Motel, Sandefjord, Vestfold og Telemark, 30 capacity
  • E18 Langrønningen Circle K, Bamble, Vestfold og Telemark, 25 capacity
  • E18 Grenstøl St1, Tvedestrand, Agder, 30 capacity
  • E18 Horisonten, Lillesand, Agder, 18 capacity
  • E18 Lillesand YX, Agder, 25 capacity
  • E18 Lillesand Circle K, Agder, 10 capacity
  • E39 Livold Circle K, Lindesnes, Agder, 10 capacity


  • E16 Dale Shell, Vaksdal, Vestland, 10 capacity
  • E16 Skulestadmo YX, Voss, Vestland, 10 capacity
  • E16 Steinklepp, Lærdal, Vestland, 10 capacity
  • E39 Vikeså Esso, Bjerkreim, Rogaland, 10 capacity
  • E39 Søylandskiosken, Gjesdal, Rogaland, 9 capacity
  • E39 Heiane, Stord, Vestland, 9 capacity
  • E39 Bergen travpark, Bergen, Vestland, 25 capacity
  • E39 Skei Cirkle K, Sunnfjord, Vestland, 16 capacity
  • E134 Røldal YX, Ullensvang, Vestland, 8 capacity
  • E134 Kyrping Best, Etne, Vestland, 10 capacity
  • E39/Rv. 15 Stad, Vestland, 10 capacity

Middle Norway

  • E6 Oppdalsporten, Oppdal, Trøndelag, 15 capacity
  • E6/E39 Klett Circle K, Trondheim, Trøndelag, 22 capacity
  • E6 Stav Gjestegård, Malvik, Trøndelag, 25 capacity
  • E6 Gråmyra YX, Levanger, Trøndelag, 10 capacity
  • E6 Brekkvasselv Best, Namsskogan, Trøndelag, 8 capacity
  • E6 Snåsakroa, Trøndelag, 10 capacity
  • E39 Digerneset, Skodje, Møre og Romsdal, 15 capacity
  • Rv. 70 Håsøran, Sunndalsøra, Sunndal, Møre og Romsdal, 12 capacity
  • Rv. 70 Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal, 19 capacity

Northern Norway

  • E6 Mosjøen, Vefsn, Nordland, 16 capacity
  • E6 Mo i Rana, Nordland, 10 capacity
  • E6 Storjord, Saltdal, Nordland, 10 capacity
  • E6 Fauske, Nordland, 12 capacity
  • E6 Innhavet, Hamarøy, Nordland, 5 capacity
  • E6 Buktamoen, Målselv, Troms og Finnmark, 12 capacity
  • E6 Storslett Circle K, Nordreisa, Troms og Finnmark, 10 capacity
  • E6 Talvik Shell, Alta, Troms og Finnmark, 10 capacity
  • E6/E75 Tana bru, Troms og Finnmark, 10 capacity
  • Rv. 80 Bodø havn, Nordland, 9 capacity