The main rule is that within each 24-hour period, you must take an uninterrupted rest period of 11 hours, or at least three plus nine hours.

These are the main rules:

  • When you split up the daily rest period, the final rest must always be at least nine hours long
  • The daily rest may be taken in the vehicle if it has suitable sleeping facilities and is stationary.
  • The daily rest period may be reduced to nine hours for a maximum of three times between two weekly rest periods
  • The daily rest period is the rest that comes within the 24-hour period starting from the end of the previous daily or weekly rest.

Exceptions to the rules 

You may interrupt the daily rest period no more than twice for a total of maximum one hour if you are accompanying the vehicle onto or off a train or a ferry. You must then have access to a sleeper cabin, bunk or couchette between the interruptions.

If the vehicle is manned by two or more drivers, the requirement is at least nine hours of daily rest within 30 hours.