Violations of the drivers’ hours regulations are punishable, regardless of where the offence has been committed or the homeland of the vehicle or driver.

Inspections cover the day of the inspection and 28 days back in time. This means that you can be stopped and checked several times for the same days you have been driving. 

If you violate the drivers’ hours rules in one country, you may be penalised for this violation if it is uncovered by the inspection authorities in that country. 

Avoid double penalty

It is possible for Norwegian inspectors to penalise drivers for violations committed in another country but discovered in Norway. It should not be possible to apply sanctions multiple times for the same violation. If you are penalised, it is important that you obtain the necessary documentation of this, so that you avoid double penalty. This is possible because you may also be penalised for the same violation in the next country you drive into if you cannot document that a sanction has already been applied.

All agreements must comply with the drivers’ hours regulations

Enterprises other than transport companies are obliged to ensure that agreements on transport services do not violate the rules for driving time and rest periods. This applies, for example, to freight forwarders, tour operators, subcontractors and driver provider agencies. These may thus be punished for violation of the drivers’ hours regulations if they have ordered a service that requires that the rules are violated.