Traffic is offered as an elective subject to students in lower secondary school (ungdomsskolen).

The elective subject includes all the components of the Basic Traffic Course except night driving.

Traffic as an elective subject is an independent subject, and students may take the subject without taking the Basic Traffic Course. In order for the elective subject to be approved as a Basic Traffic Course, the school must follow the curriculum for the elective subject and meet the requirements of the regulations concerning driver training and driving tests, etc.

The student must meet the following requirements

  • attend the entire first aid training and at least 80 percent of the 57 hours (periods) the elective subject comprises.
  • be in year 9 or 10
  • take the night driving course at a driving school

The teacher must meet this requirement

  • be an approved driving instructor, or a teacher with a Category B driving licence and specialised training approved by the Directorate of Roads.

The elective must be taught in a class with no more than 18 students.

After completing the elective subject and the school has reported this, the student will receive a learner's permit.

The rules were changed on November 1, 2020

The rules for the traffic as an elective subject in school were changed on November 1, 2020.