When can I take the night driving course?

We recommend that you take the night driving course as early in your training as possible.

  • If you take the Basic Traffic Course between 16 March and 31 October without completing the night driving course, your learner’s permit will be valid only for the period 16 March - 31 October.
  • In order to practise driving in the period 1 November - 15 March you must first complete the night driving course.

When you have completed the night driving course, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will send you a new learner’s permit that is valid throughout the year. You can also find your learner’s permit on Your page.

At the night driving course you will learn about

  • causes and effects in connection with accidents in the dark
  • risk assessment
  • appropriate behaviour and use of lights when you drive, park, and make emergency stops in the dark.