If you want your driving school to book a test session for you, you can log in and authorise the school to do so.

The practical driving test varies depending on the category of the driving licence you are tested for. Here you will find more information about the practical driving test in each individual category.

Before you can take the practical driving test

  • all mandatory training needs to be completed and registered in our systems.
  • you must have a police certificate of good conduct
  • you must have submitted your health certificate, if required
  • you must have passed the theory test

You can check the progress of your training and whether you have a certificate of good conduct under “Your applications” on Your page.

During the practical driving test

When you present yourself for your practical driving test, you must pay the fee for the test and produce valid proof of identity. You need to provide a vehicle for the test, and this vehicle must be approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Most candidates rent a vehicle from their driving school.

The test itself lasts for 65-75 minutes, depending on the category you are being tested in, and is divided into three parts:

  • Preparing the vehicle
  • Safety check (randomly selected questions, for example on how to test the brakes or refill windshield wiper fluid)
  • The driving itself, which is the most comprehensive part of the test.

The drive follows a predetermined route and the examiner will provide you with directions as you drive. You must drive and solve the tasks you are given without assistance. To the extent possible, the test will be assessed as a whole. It is you who are the driver, and who are responsible for what is done during the test.

After the practical driving test

As soon as the test is over, you will be told whether you passed or not, and you will be given a written statement explaining the decision made.

If you pass the test you take a photograph and pay for your driving licence at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, and receive a temporary driving permit. Your driving licence will be sent to you by mail, or you can choose to collect it at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. You must pay for your driving licence and collect it within five years of passing the practical driving test. Remember that it is illegal to drive without a valid temporary driving permit or a driving licence.

If you fail the practical driving test you need to wait for at least four weeks before you can try again. Before you leave, you get to keep a copy of the assessment form filled in by the examiner. This form gives you information that you can use in your preparations for a new test. You will have to pay for a new practical driving test.