You must produce valid proof of identity when you present yourself for the theory test and practical driving test.

You also need to provide valid proof of identity when you are issued a driving licence, Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) or a temporary driving permit

Your proof of identify must be the original document, and its period of validity must not have expired. However, see the information about temporary approval of expired proof of identity further down this this page. Certified copies of ID documents will not be accepted.

What is accepted as proof of identity

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration accepts the following proof of identity:

  • Norwegian passport (not emergency passports)
  • Norwegian national ID card – with or without the right to travel
  • Norwegian driving licence issued after 1 January 1998
  • Norwegian digital driving licence
  • Norwegian bank ID card
  • Norwegian Ministry of Defence ID card
  • Norwegian Sea Service Book
  • Refugee Travel Document
  • Immigrant’s passport (not accepted if issued for a single journey)
  • Foreign passport (not emergency passports)
  • ID card from EU/EEA countries

All Norwegian ID documents must have both a photograph and a national ID number/D number (11 digits). The photograph must be clear, and there must be no doubt that the person in the photograph is you.

We do not accept proof of identity if

  • it is damaged
  • the national ID number/D number is only partly visible
  • the photograph is insufficiently clear

Norwegian driving licence

A Norwegian driving licence issued prior to 1 January 1998 is not acceptable as proof of identity irrespective of its validity as a driving licence.

An expired driving licence issued after 1 January 1998 is still valid as proof of identity as long as it is less than 15 years old. This is because the photograph on the driving licence is valid for 15 years.

Foreign proof of identity

National ID cards from EU/EEA countries and foreign passports are acceptable as proof of identity if you in addition can supply your Norwegian national ID number/D number (11 digits), either orally or in writing.

Temporary approval of proof of identity that has expired within the last six months

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is aware that the police's capacity to renew passports has been reduced due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Due to the restrictions on cross-border travelling, we understand that renewal of passports and national ID cards can be problematic also for foreign nationals.

Consequently, Norwegian passports, Norwegian immigrant's passports, Norwegian refugee travel documents, foreign passports and national ID cards from EEA countries, which expired up to six months ago, are approved as identification.

This applies only up to and including 31 December 2021. As of 1 January 2022 we no longer approve these expired documents.

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