Driving licences for heavy vehicle categories are normally valid for five years after you took up normal residence in Norway, unless the validity period stated on the licence expires before that date, or if your driving licence has different validity because you are subject to the transitional provisions.

You can find information about older driving licence that are valid in the Third Driving Licence Directive and in the Decision on Equivalence.

EU/EEA driving licences issued after an exchange from a non-EU/EEA country

In principle, these driving licences are processed according to the rules that apply for the country in which they were originally issued, and they can be used in Norway for up to three months. If you took up normal residence in Norway before 19 January 2013 and you have an EU/EEA driving licence issued before this date, you may use it as a regular EU/EEA driving licence. The same applies if you have had valid driving entitlements in one or more EU/EEA countries for a continuous period of at least ten years before you took up normal residence in Norway.

Licences issued in violation of the requirement for permanent residence or student residence

Driving licences can in principle only be issued by the country where you have permanent (“normal”) residence, or where you are residing as a student. If your driving licence was issued in a country where you do not have normal residence or reside as a student, it is possible that your licence is not valid for driving in Norway.

If there is information on the driving licence, or information from the issuing country, to the effect that the conditions for issue were not met at the time of issue, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration may start investigations to determine whether the licence is valid for driving in Norway.