As of 1 July 2006, new rules for Category S stipulate that new candidates can acquire driving entitlements for snowmobiles only after completing mandatory training and passing a theory test. The minimum age requirement is 16, but until the holder turns 18, the driving entitlement is restricted to Category 1 (snowmobile with a weight/power ratio not exceeding 0.20 kW/kg). Under the new rules of 1 July 2006, those who acquire a driving licence for motorcycles, tractors or passenger cars (Category B) for the first time are no longer given Category S “for free”.

NPRA can grant permits for organised group trips with a qualified guide where the participants do not have driving entitlements for snowmobiles; see Section 12-5 of the Norwegian Driving Licence Regulations. Participants from Norway must hold a driving licence in another category. Foreign participants must document that they are entitled to drive a motor vehicle in Norway. All participants must have adequate skills.

Persons who acquired driving entitlements in Categories A, A1, B, S or T before 1 July 2006 are still entitled to drive a snowmobile with or without a trailer sledge.

Persons who are temporarily residing in Norway may be granted driving entitlements for snowmobiles. Applicants must hold a valid foreign driving licence, have completed mandatory training and passed the theory test, and be able to document employment in Norway that involves driving a snowmobile. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration issues decision letters that grant the holder a driving entitlement for two years. The decision letter and foreign driving licence must be carried with you when you drive.

Please note that there are a number of restrictions relating to traffic and the environment, as to where and how you can drive a snowmobile even if you hold such an entitlement.

See also the Norwegian Environment Agency’s web pages on motor traffic on uncultivated land, etc.

Driving on public roads is normally prohibited.

Driving a snowmobile in Sweden

If you have a driving licence for snowmobiles that was issued in Norway, you are also entitled to drive a snowmobile in Sweden. Similarly, if you have a driving licence for snowmobiles that was issued in Sweden, you are entitled to drive a snowmobile in Norway.

It is required that you had normal residence in the country where the driving entitlement was issued, or that you can document that you were residing there as a student for a period of at least six months when the licence was issued. The vehicle must be registered in Norway or Sweden.