The Environmental Vision was decided upon by the Directors of the four transport agencies – Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norwegian National Rail Administration, Avinor AS (a wholly state-owned limited company, responsible for planning, operation and maintenance of civil aviation infrastructure), and the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Sectoral Environmental Responsibility

As part of the general Sectoral Environmental Responsibility for the Ministries, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is instructed to:

  • maintain an overview of the environmental impact,
  • be administratively and financially responsible for environmental action,
  • actively seek cross-sectoral cooperation on environmental matters,
  • provide reports and other information on environmental trends and impacts, and on the costs of planned or implemented actions to eliminate or mitigate negative environmental effects within our sector

The sectoral environmental responsibility is a general principle in the Norwegian Government’s environmental policy, and all governmental sectors are instructed to follow up on the four bullet points on the slide. The operational parts of the sectoral environmental responsibility are delegated to the different transport departments (roads, rails, airports and coast).

Environmental Challenges for the Transport Sector in Norway

  • Emissions of greenhouse gasses
  • Land use and irrevocable changes to the natural environment and cultural heritage
  • Road traffic noise
  • Local air pollution
  • Pollution of water or soil

Additionally, transportation channels may constitute barriers for interaction within communities and have a negative impact on adjacent properties.

It is a goal to accommodate urban regions to environmentally friendly transportation, and to decrease the use of privately owned motor vehicles, thus encouraging the use of public transportation, bicycles and pathways. Norwegian law sets requirements concerning levels of noise and air pollution within habitations.


The NPRA is responsible for approx. 28.000 km state roads and approx. 28.000 km county roads.

About 1.3 million people (out of 4.6 mill.) are exposed to road traffic noise levels exceeding 55 dBA outside their homes.

200.000 people are influenced by local air pollution (dust) above the limit.

150.000 tonnes of de-icing salt is used on our roads each year.

Emission of greenhouse gasses

Norway has committed to the Kyoto Protocol - stabilizing emissions at 1 % above the 1990 emission level. Emissions are expected to increase without new measures. Road transport contributes with 24 %. Road traffic is responsible for 24 % of the total Norwegian emissions of CO2. Industry: approx 30 %, oil production: approx 30 %, the rest wood-burning in private houses, etc.