All together 206 000 km of road.

The National Road Database (NRDB) will store both basic data and calculated data like traffic accidents and average annual daily traffic. Basic data will be: Airports and all stop points and terminals for bus, subway, railway and ferries. Other static data is permitted axle load, surface material, road curvature, speed limits, road width, tunnels and bridges, road furniture, rails, traffic signs, manholes, ditches, brick walls, etc. Environmental data and pollution from traffic will also be registered into the database.

The purpose with the NRDB is to establish an information system that secures an optimal management, maintenance and development of the national roads. We also want to secure an effective information system for the road-owner and the road-users about the traffic and incidents on the road network. 

The main goals are:

  • To store correct data with the right quality
  • Better user interface and easier access to important data for both internal and external users
  • Better possibilities for different presentations and analysis
  • Use of standard report tools
  • Establish a new data model for the road network
  • A common feature catalogue
  • Use of standard GIS tools on the market

User groups

There are three main usergroups: Internal, External and Public. Depending on who the user is, s/he will have access to different parts of the NRDB clients. Broadly we can call the external and internal usergroups for authorised users, and within those groups we find people who have permission to registrar data into the database.

The Internal users are those who work in The Norwegian Public Road Administration. The external users can be Government agencies and local authorities, County authorities, municipalities, Police, National Bureau of Statistics, Norwegian Mapping Authority, Transport companies, Consultants, and Research organizations.

Internal and external users can in different levels use NRDB for:

  • Road planning and design
  • Road maintenance and operation
  • Environmental tasks
  • Pollution from traffic (dust and noise)
  • Landscape planning
  • Traffic safety work
  • Statistics about traffic accidents


After having consulted several bidders, a contract was signed with Ementor ASA as the primary supplier for the project in the spring of 2001. Geodata AS, ViaNova IT, Norkart AS, and Triona AB are contracted as sub suppliers.

The project enjoys a productive and constructive collaboration with the Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA). This has been of great importance in order to reach common solutions for simple and flexible managing of digital map data, road data and traffic data. The NMA has also contributed in developing the project's data models.