The aim is to create an improved E39 road without ferries, which will reduce travel time to around 11 hours. The route will be around 50 kilometres shorter.

The E39 Coastal Highway Route

(NPRA/Vianova/Baezeni, June 2017)

The Romsdal Fjord

(Rambøll, May 2018) 

The B1M's film about the E39 

(NPRA/Vianova/Norconsult/Rambøll/Baezeni, August 2018) 

Multi-span suspension bridge on floating foundations – Bjørnafjorden

(NPRA/Vianova/Baezeni, October 2017)

3D-animation the Sognefjord

The Sognefjord, which is about 4 km wide, is being used as a pilot site for developing new concepts for extreme bridges.

(NPRA/Aas-Jacobsen/Vianova/ Baezeni) 



(NPRA/Vianova/Baezeni, June 2017) 


More animations – in Norwegian