«The Coastal Route» runs along the entire coast of Norway and is around 4,500 km long. The route varies between easy cycling and more challenging terrain, along skerries, through coastland, inland, and mountainous landscapes. It includes fiord crossings and island hopping. You cycle on low-traffic roads and sometimes on pedestrian/cycle paths. Many parts of the route include a variety of natural and agricultural landscapes.

The largest bridges on this route have separate pedestrian/cycle lanes. Some fiords are crossed by alternative transport such as ferry, speed boat or bus.

It is recommended that you study the map and look up transport schedules. The route also includes some tunnels – some allow cycling through, but the cycle route runs outside of others. An overview of tunnels prohibited for cyclists can be found here.

From Svinesund to Bergen the route coincides with EuroVelo route 12 «North Sea Cycling Route», and from Bergen to Nordkapp the route coincides with EuroVelo 1 «Atlantic Coast Route».  Kirkenes is also the point of departure for EuroVelo 13 «Iron Curtain Trail Route». EuroVelo route 7 «Sun Route» and EuroVelo route 11 «East Europe Route» also depart from Nordkapp. EuroVelo 7 and 11 run eastwards where the E69 meets the E6. They continue through Finland, and these routes are not signposted in Norway. The same applies to EuroVelo route 13.

These route sections are signposted: