If the imported vehicle has been granted EC type approval, this is valid in Norway as well. EC type approval is issued to vehicle manufactures and does not depend of the importer.

How to find out whether your vehicle has EC type approval

  • If the vehicle is new, it should be accompanied by an original Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by the vehicle manufacturer. Importers must make sure that the vehicle is accompanied by such a certificate.
  • A used (previously registered) vehicle will be marked with EC type approval, if such approval has been granted. The so-called manufacturer’s statutory plate will be marked with a type-approval number. In many cases, the foreign vehicle registration certificate will also contain information about the EC type approval number.

If the vehicle does not have EC type approval, it must be granted individual approval in Norway before it can be registered. Commercial importers are also required to obtain national type approval.

Case processing time

The case processing time is currently eight weeks for applications for a transfer of an EC type approval to Autosys/the Norwegian type approval register and for tax classification.