In order to be granted individual approval, the vehicle must undergo an inspection at one of the NPRA’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

If the vehicle is a new car or car trailer (categories M1-M3, N1-N3 and O1-O4) and is first registered after 15 September 2012, the inspection and approval will be based on the Regulations relating to approval of cars and car trailers. Cars and car trailers registered before 15 September 2012 and other types of vehicles will be tested and approved on the basis of the Regulations of 4 October 1994 No 918 relating to the technical requirements and approval of vehicles (the Motor Vehicle Regulations).

Documentation that the requirements are met must be presented. The NPRA’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office will check that the documentation accompanying the car is correct, and that the documentation tallies with the vehicle that is presented.

Note the following:

  • Special tax rules apply to some groups of vehicles, for example vans for which the tax is reduced (green licence plates).
  • It can be difficult to obtain approval of cars and motorcycles imported from countries outside Europe as they often fail to meet European/Norwegian requirements. This applies, for example, to used motorcycles that were registered for the first time (when new) after 17 June 2003, when more stringent requirements entered into force in Norway.

For commercial importation, there is also a scheme for Norwegian national type approval of most vehicle groups.

Fee for individual approval
Vehicles with a maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3.500 kg:  NOK 630
Vehicles with a maximum authorised mass between 3.501 kg and 7.500 kg:NOK 1100
Vehicles with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 7.500 kg:NOK 1570

Vans are divided into two groups for tax purposes:

Category 1 van: a car with more than one row of seats that meets the technical requirements for vans as set out in Annex II to Directive 2007/46/EC. A category 1 van belongs to the same tax category as passenger cars.

Category 2 van (car with green licence plates): a van that is subject to more favourable taxation than category 1 vans and passenger cars, provided that it meets certain requirements laid down by the Ministry of Finance. It follows from the Regulations of 19 March 2001 No 268 concerning One-off Registration Tax on Motor Vehicles that category 2 vans must have, among other things, only one seat row, with cargo compartment or flatbed behind it. There must be a fixed protection wall behind the seats. The cargo compartment or flatbed must have room for a right-angled box measuring 140 x 90 x 105 cm. Furthermore, in order to be approved as a category 2 van for tax purposes, the vehicle must have technical approval as a van (N1), see Annex II to Directive 2007/46/EC.