Step 4:


Before the vehicle can be taken into use, it must be approved and registered at an NPRA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office or through the Autoreg system at a vehicle dealership that has access to this system. Trailers, with some exceptions, are also subject to mandatory registration in the same manner as motor vehicles.

  • Reporting form for the calculation of tax and registration must be completed in full (form no. NA-0221). The form must be stamped by Norwegian Customs and Excise or an approved forwarding agent and signed by the owner or another authorised person. Further instructions are available on the form.
  • Vehicle registration certificate. A temporary vehicle registration certificate is issued when the vehicle is registered for the first time. The permanent vehicle registration certificate (in two parts) will be sent to you by post. The temporary vehicle registration certificate is not accepted abroad.

Documents that must be produced for first-time registration:

  • Reporting form for tax calculation and registration (form no. NA-0221).
  • Valid proof of identity. Valid proof of identity is required for personal owners and co-owners. Valid proof of identity is a driving licence, passport or other ID document issued by a public authority and carrying the name, national identity number and a photo of the bearer.  Bank IDs with a national identity number and a photo are also accepted. For companies and other enterprises, a print-out from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities (Enhetsregisteret) showing the organisation number will be accepted. For vehicles with more than two owners, proof of identity is required for the relevant contact person.
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance must have been taken out. The insurance certificate is transferred electronically from the insurance company to the NPRA. This does not apply to trailers, which are exempt from the insurance requirement.
  • For certain vehicles - such as those requiring an operating licence, ambulances, etc. - other documents will also be required (operating licence, ambulance certification, etc.).

Periodic technical inspection (EU inspection)

Imported second-hand vehicles will not be called in for a periodic technical inspection during the first 12 months following their registration, even if they have reached an age where the inspection requirement would otherwise apply.