You can order new plates if:

  • your current number plates are damaged or worn
  • you have bought a deregistered vehicle
  • your vehicle has been altered/rebuilt and approved and needs new number plates

You will not be issued with a new registration number for your new plates, but will retain the same combination of letters and numbers as before.

How to order number plates

You order new number plates (licence plates) by sending an email or by visiting a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. The old plates must be handed in before you are issued new ones. Payment must be made in cash or by debit card; credit cards are not accepted.

If your plates are lost or stolen, you need to report this to the police before you go to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. You can also apply for small number plates for your vehicle, if there is not enough space to attach the regular number plates.

If you want to have personalised plates you may apply for this. Personalised number plates cost NOK 9,000 and you will have the right of use for the plate number for ten years.


Prices will vary somewhat depending on the size of the plates and the type of vehicle the plates are for.

  • A set of two number plates costs between NOK 130 and NOK 140.
  • One number plate costs from NOK 65 to NOK 80.

Delivery time

It takes two to five working days before you can collect your new plates at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

Bicycle rack

It is not possible to order additional plates for bicycle racks. If you are going to drive with a bicycle rack on your car so that it covers the number plate; the registration number needs to made visible by other means. The registration number is to be displayed in black on a durable background plate. The background plate must be white or aluminium. You can make it yourself, or buy one from a dealer.