The use of studded tyres or snow chains is not permitted

  • from the second Monday after Easter Sunday
  • up to and including 31 October

In the counties Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, this period lasts from 1 May up to and including 15 October.

There are no limitations on the use of non-studded winter tyres.

You are allowed to use studded tyres or chains outside these dates if the road conditions require extra grip.

Tyre requirements for light vehicles (up to 3500 kg)

  • The tread depth must be a minimum of 3 mm in the winter season.
  • Studs may be used only on winter tyres (except for motorcycles). 
  • If a light vehicle is fitted with studded tyres, you must have studded tyres on all wheels.

Outside the winter season the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.

Heavy vehicles (over 3500 kg) have their own winter tyre requirements.

Advice and recommendations

  • Summer tyres should not be used in winter conditions. The tyres must secure sufficient road grip.
  • Summer tyres perform better on wet asphalt than non-studded winter tyres do.