Enter ‘REGNR’ (space) followed by the registration number of the vehicle you request information about, and send the message to 2282. You will promptly receive a text message with information about the vehicle in question, valid at the time of enquiry. Example: ‘REGNR AJ29347’ – send to 2282.

Send REGNR to 2282Send REGNR to 2282

You cannot use the service if your telephone company has blocked your subscription for mobile content services. If your subscription is blocked, you will neither receive an error message nor a reply via SMS. Contact your telephone company to check whether your subscription is blocked for content services.

The service costs NOK 3 per message received.

The service is not available on the internet (only via SMS).


The NPRA disclaims liability for any errors and omissions in the information you receive via SMS. The NPRA will not reimburse the costs of using the service, regardless of whether it contains errors or omissions.

If you experience any faults or irregularities in relation to the service, please contact Public Services.

The vehicle information you receive via SMS is exactly the same as you will find in the Central Register of Motor Vehicles.