Inspections check the records for the past 28 days . This means that you can be stopped and checked several times for the same days driven.

If you violate the drivers’ hours regulations in one country, you can be punished for this violation if it is discovered by that country’s supervisory authorities.

Avoid double punishment

Norwegian inspectors can punish violations committed in another country but discovered in Norway. It should not be possible to sanction an offence more than once. If a sanction is imposed on you, it is important that you obtain necessary documentation of this, so that you avoid double punishment. If you are unable to document the sanction, you may be punished for the same offence in the next country you enter as well.

All agreements must comply with the drivers’ hours regulations.

Enterprises other than transport undertakings are obliged to ensure that agreements on transport services comply with the drivers’ hours regulations. This applies to forwarding agents, tour operators, subcontractors and driver staffing agencies. In other words, they can be punished for violation of the drivers’ hours regulations if they have ordered a service that requires infringement of the rules.