An exemption has been introduced for the international carriage of passengers, where the weekly rest period need not be taken before the twelfth day.

  • The weekly rest period can be reduced to 24 hours every other week.
  • A reduced weekly rest period consists of at least 24, but less than 45, consecutive hours.
  • You must compensate for the reduced weekly rest period.
  • If you reduce the weekly rest period, you must take the remaining rest hours in one block in combination with another rest period of at least nine hours.
  • This compensation rest must also be taken before the end of the third week following the week during which the reduction took place.

A reduced weekly rest period can be taken in the vehicle if it is stationary and equipped with satisfactory sleeping facilities. Ordinary weekly rest periods may not be spent in the vehicle.

The purpose of having a system that allows for reduced weekly rest periods and compensation is to ensure flexible rules for the drivers.