With its 1145-metre span, the Hålogaland Bridge will be Norway’s second longest suspension bridge.

The Hålogaland Bridge

  • Construction type: main span suspension bridge, steel box girder as bridge deck
  • Total length: 1533 metres
  • Main span: 1145 metres
  • Suspension cables: 2, diameter 47 cm, length 1621 metres
  • 3 spans: viaduct from Karistrand 250 metres, suspension bridge span 1145 metres, viaduct from Øyjord 148 metres (the viaducts are the concrete bridges that span from the shore to the pylons)
  • Height piers: 5 piers, height from 12 to 30 metres
  • Sailing, vertical clearance: 40 metres
  • Sailing, horizontal clearance: 200 metres
  • Total width: Total width steel box girder/bridge roadway: 18.6 metres.  Concrete viaduct: Total width 15.4 metres
  • Roadway width: 9.5 metres, including a 1-metre wide central reserve
  • Speed limit: 80 km/h
  • Continuous foot and cycle path (separate lane) from Narvik to Øyjord, width 3.5 metres

4.9 kilometres of new road
The road project comprises the construction of new road on both sides of the Hålogaland Bridge. 1.4 kilometres of new road will be constructed on the Narvik side, and 3.5 kilometres of new road will be constructed from Øyjord towards the existing E6.

Common denominators for these roads include:

  • Class: H1
  • Total road width: 10 metres
  • Lane width: 3.5 metres
  • Shoulder width: 1 metre
  • Width central reserves, designed with rumble strips: 1 metre
  • Speed limit: 80 km/h

Two short tunnels
A 270-metre long tunnel, the Ornes tunnel, will be constructed at the Narvik side. A 330-meter long tunnel will be constructed at the Øyjord side, the Storlikoll tunnel.
Avalanche protection tunnel at E6/E10 between Trældal and Leirvik
There have been several incidents of falling rocks along the Trældal - Leirvik stretch; incidents with serious accident potential. Consequently, the project also comprises an avalanche protection tunnel, the Trældal tunnel, at the E6/E10 between Trældal and Leirvik.

The Trældal tunnel  

  • Length: 1055 metres, including portals: 1110 metres
  • Class: T8.5
  • Lane width: 6.5 meter

Once the new tunnel is completed, the old road will be closed due to the avalanche danger.