Night driving is part of the Basic Traffic Course and takes place in a car in real traffic situations.

The driving instructor drives the car, while you, the student, are a passenger.

When can I take the night driving course?

We recommend that you take the night driving course as early in your training as possible.

  • If you take the Basic Traffic Course between 16 March and 31 October, when you are unable to complete the night driving course, your learner’s permit will be valid only from 16 March to 31 October.
  • In order to practise driving in the period from 1 November to 15 March you must first complete the night driving course.

You receive a new learner's permit when you have completed the night driving course

When you have completed the night driving course, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will send you a new learner’s permit that is valid throughout the year. You can also find your permit on Your page.

At the night driving course you will learn about

  • causes and effects in connection with accidents in the dark
  • risk assessment
  • appropriate behaviour and use of lights when you drive, park, and make emergency stops in the dark.