In order to transfer the ownership of a vehicle when the owner is deceased, a Notification of Sale must be submitted.

You can do this on Your Page or on paper. 

Other ways to submit the Notification of Sale:

  • You can submit the Notification of Sale on paper by filling in the Notification of Sale form (Norwegian only, PDF), and handing it in at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon). It is the person signing on behalf of the estate that must hand in the Notification of Sale in person and present proof of identity.
  • Part 2 of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC). This was removed on 15 January 2018 but can still be used as a Notification of Sale. 

Documentation requirements 

The documentation that must accompany the Notification of Sale depends on whether you have chosen private or public division of the estate.

If a private division is carried out, you must submit a certificate of probate from the District Court or County Court, and the Notification of Sale must be signed by the person(s) named as heirs in the certificate, or by all the heirs.

In the case of a public division of the estate, the Notification of Sale is to be signed by the District Court, County Court or the appointed trustee of the estate. You must then submit documentation of the appointment of the trustee.

In the case of an undivided possession of estate, the vehicle may be transferred to the surviving spouse. The certificate of undivided possession of the estate must be uploaded in the notification of sale og presented at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, and insurance must be taken out in the name of the new owner.

Transfer of registration

Once the Notification of Sale has been submitted and the change of ownership has been completed, the vehicle may be registered to its new owner. The vehicle may not be used before the registration transfer has been completed and the new owner has received a new Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC).

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