International interest in the Norwegian Concept Selection Study of Road Usage Charges and Tolls .

The Norwegian Tax Administration and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have conducted a concept selection study on possible future road pricing in Norway. It turns out that this is a relevant topic in several countries. Japan, Ireland, and Germany, among others, have shown interest in the work.

Parts of the concept selection study have therefore been translated into English: Road Usage Tax and Tolls ​- Concept Selection Study Norway (PDF, 6 MB)

– All countries have transportation challenges to varying degrees and view the Norwegian investigation as a source of inspiration," says Morten Tveit, who has led the project on road pricing.

The project has engaged in dialogue with other countries, and it has become evident that there is significant interest in the Norwegian report.
– Sharing knowledge and best practices is important, and we believe that our report provides a broader understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with road usage charges and tolls, says project leader Tveit.