These guidelines apply to all requests to visit the Norwegian Public Roads Administration from international delegations.

A written request should be submitted to the NPRA, at least four weeks in advance of the
proposed date for the visit.

The request needs to contain the following information:

  • proposed and alternative dates for the visit
  • employer of delegates
  • purpose and duration of the visit
  • delegate information like name and title
  • key areas of interest

The NPRA seeks to accommodate all requests to the extent we are able to do so. Be advised, however, that our resources are limited during summer season (June-August).

The visiting delegation needs to bring its own interpreter if the visitors do not command English. The NPRA takes responsibility only for the agreed upon visit. Travel and accommodation are the visiting delegation’s responsibility.

We charge no fees for receiving visitors.


Send your request for a visit by email to .

Internasjonal virksomhet