The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR are inviting contactors and consultants to a market dialogue.

The project is planning for construction to start in 2024 and now wishes to start a dialogue with the market regarding contracting strategy as early as possible, in order to ensure predictability and early involvement.

Video presenting the contracting strategy

The project has produced a video in Norwegian and English that explains all the contracts that will be put to tender.

  1. Video presentation explaining the project and contracting strategy in detail
  2. A short video summarizing the contracting strategy

The purpose is to secure a common understanding of the scope and complexity of the project. All stakeholders will in advance of the dialogue meeting receive the same information package.

Invitation to one-on-one meetings

Interested contractors and consultants are invited to provide their input in one-on-one talks with the project management. It will be possible to have physical meetings as well as digital ones.


The project is envisaging the first main contract to be put to tender in 2024/25.

The project management will be able to present tender invitation dates for a number of the contracts when the government has made their investment decision.

Registration for one-on-one meetings

Avaliable dates for one-to-one meetings:
22.11.2021, 29.11.2021, 01.12.2021, 02.12.2021 og 03.12.2021* (*not for consultants).

For registration, please send an email to:
by 18 th of November 2021, informing us whether you prefer a physical or digital meeting.


1. Presentation of the project and the contracting strategy (40 min, english subtitles)

This video presents a detailed description of the the joint road and rail project “E16 and Vossebanen Arna-Stanghelle” and the contracting strategy. The project is scheduled to commence 2024. Norwegian audio/English text Video: Video: Red Ant/Statens vegvesen.

2. A brief video of the different contracts (6 min, english subtitles)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) and Bane NOR (state-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure) are planning the joint road and rail project “E16 and Vossebanen Arna-Stanghelle”. The project is due to start in 2024 and the project are inviting all interested parties to discussions about the contract management. Video: Video: Red Ant/Statens vegvesen.