The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR invites parties to signal interest in up to 10 mill. m3 of surplus rock material from the project.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR are inviting private and public parties to signal their interest in up to 10 mill. m3 of surplus rock material from the joint project “E16 og Vossebanen Arna-Stanghelle”. Video: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The agencies wish to enter into a dialogue with one or more parties in their work to find the most socially beneficial way to use surplus rock masses. Initially they plan to sign letters of intent. The parties agree to negotiate a final agreement when the planning situation and issues of financing have been finally settled for both parties.

One qualification requirement in the invitation is that the interested party wants to buy/take over a minimum of 100,000 m3 tunnel rock material.

The project is included in the National Transport Plan for 2022-33, scheduled to start after 2024.
Before approved plan data and a total financial package are decided, it is not possible to specify exactly when the construction work will be carried out and the rock masses available.

Short facts about disposal

  • The tunnels will be excavated using the drill-and-blast method, not by tunnel boring machine. Masses generated will then mainly be suitable as filling material.
  • Extraction of rock masses from the construction site will probably take place over a period of four-five years.
  • Minimum 2/3 of the surplus rock masses will be brought out to temporary, floating quays through tunnel crosscuts.
  • The Construction Client wishes to facilitate further transport of surplus masses by barge/ship (sea transport) to external recievers.
  • It may be an option that parts of the mass surplus can be transported by public road.

More information about the mass disposal, sample letters of intent, and quality of masses (norwegian only) can be downloaded below.

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