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Vi skal forbedre nettsidene våre om veiprosjekter og trenger folk som kan teste sidene. Meld interesse for å være testperson her.

The project consists of 6.5 km new E6.

Project elements

  • Soknedal tunnel including electro, 3.6 km (tunnel class C and tunnel profile T10.5).
  • Approx. 2.9 km new E6, dimension class H5.
  • Split level junction in the centre of Soknedal.
  • 2 E6-bridges.
  • Approx. 1.7 km local road system with 2 bridges.
  • Public transport terminal with car park.
  • Other accompanying infrastructure and side installations.

The contract also includes reinforcement of an existing concrete wall, earth riveting and the construction of concrete walls and dry stone walls, as well as other accompanying infrastructure and side installations, including complete electro work in the tunnel and lighting installations for the E6.

The new E6 shall be constructed, partly in steep virgin side terrain and partly along the existing E6 route.

Contract type is unit price contract. The project construction period is estimated to about three years.

The project design is done by Norwegian Public Roads Administration. 

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E6 Soknedal