It is important that you check the inspection sheet even if your vehicle passed the mandatory roadworthiness test.

If your vehicle passed the test, you may continue to use it as before. The vehicle has passed the test if no defects and deficiencies were found, or if the inspection sheet specifies deficiencies with Code 1.

Check the inspection sheet

The garage enters the result of the roadworthiness test in our systems, but it is important that you check the following on the inspection sheet:

  • any defects and deficiencies with Code 1
  • that the correct odometer reading has been registered
  • the deadline for your next mandatory roadworthiness test

Remember that the mandatory test is not a complete survey of the condition of a vehicle. If you plan to buy or sell a vehicle it is a good idea to have the vehicle more closely inspected. See our tips for buyers and sellers.

Was your vehicle found to have deficiencies with Code 1?

You will then have to have the defects fixed as soon as possible, but it is not necessary to present the vehicle for reinspection. Examples of such deficiencies can be that there is no reflective vest or no warning triangle in the vehicle.

Would you like a reminder of your next mandatory roadworthiness test?

You can receive notifications when your next test deadline is approaching if you download the app “Bil og henger” (Norwegian only).

NB! It may be that the notifications you receive through the app are wrong, even though the deadline displayed is correct. The introduction of new rules for mandatory roadworthiness tests from 8 February 2019 means that you will have a shorter deadline than what the app notification shows, if you take the test more than two months before the deadline and the vehicle does not pass the test.

Remember that it is your own responsibility to check the deadline for the vehicles you own and make sure they are tested and approved before the deadline.

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