A Category S licence entitles you to drive an open snowmobile with or without a trailer sledge. In some cases, you can drive without a Category S licence.

You must be at least 16 years old to get a Category S driving licence.

Information about the snowmobile, such as whether it belongs to Category 1 (code B1) or 2 (code B2), can be found in the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Open snowmobile

You can drive all types of open snowmobile with or without a trailer sledge.

If you are under the age of 18

If you are younger than 18 years old, you can only drive a Category 1 snowmobile.

A Category 1 snowmobile has a power/weight ratio of no more than 0.20 kW/kg.

You can drive in Norway and Sweden

Unlike other driving licence categories, Category S is not valid around the world. You are still allowed to drive in both Norway and Sweden. The snowmobile must be registered in Norway or Sweden.

Be careful where you drive

For the sake of the environment and traffic flow, there are restrictions on where and how you can drive a snowmobile. 

It is normally illegal to drive a snowmobile on public roads.

When can you drive a snowmobile without a Category S driving licence?

If your driving licence was issued before 1 July 2006

You are entitled to drive an open snowmobile if you acquired a driving licence for a motorcycle, passenger car or tractor before 1 July 2006. This applies even if you have not completed the training and tests for Category S.

In some cases when you have a Swedish driving permit for a snowmobile

If you were living in Norway when you acquired a Swedish driving permit for a snowmobile, the diving permit is not valid in Norway.

If you have a Swedish driving permit for snowmobiles, you can drive in Norway only if you either

  • had normal residence in Sweden when you acquired your Swedish driving permit, or
  • acquired it while living in Sweden as a student for at least six months

If you participate in organised group trips with a permit

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration may grant organisers a permit to carry out group trips by snowmobile for participants without driving entitlements. Participants from Norway must hold a driving licence in another category. Foreign participants must document that they are entitled to drive a motor vehicle in Norway. All participants must have adequate skills.

The organiser must ensure that they meet all criteria for such a trip (Lovdata – Norwegian only)

Under certain circumstances when you have a temporary residence permit 

With a temporary residence permit in Norway, you can acquire a snowmobile driving entitlement This requires that you

  • hold a valid foreign driving licence
  • have completed the mandatory training and passed the theory test in Norway
  • can document that you have work in Norway that involves driving a snowmobile

Would you like to get a driving licence for other categories?

You can upgrade your driving licence with additional categories.